To achieve our core values and professional goals, we have worked since the founding of Afniah, for the team to have a direct intervention in the educational field, because (innovating ideas) requires a direct dialogue with the architectural minds that will shape the future. This means that we always believe that our basic perceptions and ideas can develop with time and dialogue with the other, whether it is an owner, developer or other consulting offices. Therefore, the founders and employees of Afniah have been involved in many academic events that have focused on changing basic concepts. Design processes and outputs in architectural studios always stimulate us to create and develop new ideas. Also, by participating in theoretical lectures, especially those related to the reinterpretation of the history of local architecture and the practice of the profession. Our goal was to create a necessary methodological environment based on asking questions and why things are. To produce an architecture with open-ended values, we must engage with the societal mind that can accept this architecture.
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