Our Legacy

To achieve our philosophy and professional goals, we have always endeavored, since the establishment of the office, that the work team should have direct intervention in the educational field. Because (the creation of ideas) requires a direct dialogue with the young architectural minds that form the nucleus of the future. In courtyards, we believed, and still do, that ideas cannot develop without dialogue with the other side. Therefore, the company and its employees seek to participate in seminars and academic conferences to follow up on developments, especially those that focus on discussing basic concepts.

Today, a group of academic professionals work in Afniah who are concerned with creating the new architectural intellectual model, and because we know that this task is so great, we always rely on the principle of (transcendence). What we present of today’s ideas is a link in an evolutionary chain through which we aspire to create cumulative architectural experiences, and we believe that this epistemological shift is fundamentally linked to enhancing the moments of inspiration among Saudi architects and the ability of Saudi architectural public to accept and seek new ideas.
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