Today, hospitals all over the world are facing a challenge in how to transform these hospitals into an attractive environment for people by providing high-quality health services, as well as improving the quality of hospital facilities. Previously, hospitals were a repulsive environment due to the psychological pressures they instill and the soulless architectural spaces, a routine and an internal cycle between the different health sectors. Therefore, many health companies resorted to architectural consultants with great deal in the architecture industry to understand the psychological needs of its users and turn internal spaces into a place that embraces its users, which in the process instill loyalty to the place and create the interior spaces that focus on providing efficiency and quality of the place. Hospital architecture is an architecture that has a certain style and method that is included in many health procedures and routines followed globally. Visitors need to feel the unique experience of visiting a healthcare provider, as they spend their precious time inside the hospital corridors without having any negative impact from the environment. We also believe that the patient’s recovery starts from the first step inside the hospital corridors. This will contribute to diversifying the patient’s sources of recovery and inspiration.
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