Museums are considered the living translation of the reality that the organizer wishes to convey to the society, by highlighting ancient relics and modern human achievements. Therefore, the architecture of museums is always different from any architecture as it deals with culture, society, economy and many of human related aspects. Through ages, museums have contributed to highlighting the important role in translating the civilizations and cultures of peoples, and in our role as architects, we are committed to contributing to highlighting these cultures by translating scenarios to create the unique experience for the visitors. In Afniah, we are keen to contribute and participating international and local competitions concerned with museums designs. With our Studies & Research Center. Combined with international and local experts, we have managed to accumulate valuable database for the human heritage in the Middle East for many important researches that have been monitored over the last hundred years. We are constantly working on maintaining and refining this archive, as we aspire to participate in it in the formulation of many cultural studies in the near future.
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