In Afniah, we seek to create critical dialogue at the national level, not only through the works that we present, but through the direct intellectual contribution in making this systematic architectural criticism that can build the epistemological model. The conviction that we reached during our long learning with people in architectural design is that exchanging ideas with people on the one hand and transferring them into intellectual debate on the national level represents a continuous tributary to experimenting with ideas and developing them. And because we realize that creating such an intellectual climate requires examples that can be shown on systematic architectural analysis and deconstruction, so we have taken into consideration to establish this national intellectual network and build it gradually by putting ideas out in the open and participating in creating young Saudi architectural minds by participating in education.

On the intellectual and professional level, we see that open-ended architecture can achieve what we call the advancement of contemporary Saudi architecture. The concept of progress according to what the philosopher (Kant) views is linked to the mechanism (containment and transcendence), that is, the containment of intellectual controversy and the resultant current architectural practice and overcoming it into intellectual controversy and whole new architectural concept and practice. The mechanism presented by (Kant) related to the concept of paradigm shift, and we believe that this epistemological shift is fundamentally linked to enhancing the moments of inspiration among Saudi architects and the ability of Saudi architectural public to accept and seek new ideas. That is, what we aim at is to harmonize the architectural awareness of designers and those who practice architecture so that the new architectural cognitive model is accepted in the subconscious of the professional community and forms it as part of the aesthetic values and taste of society.

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