Diversity + Exchange Culture

The determinants of the relationship between heritage -specifically local architecture- and modernity, as we see it in Afniah, were established within the variables that determined the style of Arabic architecture. Regardless of the general frameworks of time and place. We see that the specificity of architecture was determined in the context of the situational cultural content of the surrounding environment. However, the demarcation of these borders can hardly be circumvented, as the -hard to point out-edges of cultural relations intersect with external factors that contributed to presenting traditional content with external patterns and frameworks, either in the form of foreign cultural interventions, or in the form of interactions between cultures at the level of regions and borders. That is, outside the cognitive and geographical frameworks.

The first intervention is manifested as an unbalanced relationship with the culturally and epistemologically extraneous architectural culture presented by the bourgeois class, decision makers and their representatives in what is known today as the “Globalization and the predominance of the western character”, which led to an unfair or unjustified view towards the invaluable local heritage.

The second is represented in the relationship between heritage, studies and oriental discourse. Both views were motivated by negative consequences that led to the stagnation of the process of loosening and studying the components of heritage in a strict framework open to analysis and criticism. Therefore, in our opinion, there is a need more than ever before to reconsider the basics of local architecture within the framework of new thinking and vision, through several methodologies and progressive approaches to think outside the box.
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