It all begins with people, Afniah always look forward with a great deal of pride to what we have achieved throughout the collaborative efforts of our team, believing that teamwork is key to success, growth, and development. Armed with experience, knowledge, and skill, we are working on creating a generation of young architects and engineers to be active in the development of country and society.

The Founders

  • Arch. Hamad N. Al-Shagawi

    Founder, Managing Director
  • Prof. Mashary A. Al-Naim


The Team

  • Arch. Abdullah Boshlibi

    General Manager
  • Abdullah H. Al-Shagawi

    Business Manager and Board Member
  • Ahmad M. Al-Naim

    Design Manager and Board Member

    Design Director
  • Ahmed Alasmawy

    Projects Department Head
  • Mahmod Anaya

    Financial Manager
  • Mohamed Rehab

    Mechanical Unit Head
  • Walid Elashiry

    QAQC Unit Head and Structural Unit Head
  • Nasser Ibrahim

    Electrical unit Head
  • Abdulsattar Al Hulaimy

    Contracting & Tendering Unit Head
  • Wassim Joanny

    External And Internal Senior Coordinator
  • Ahmed Ibrahim

    Accountant Unit Head
  • Sarah Haddad

    Follow up Unit Head
  • Abdulrahman Aldayel

    Govenrment Affairs Unit Head
  • Mariam Alqaffas

    HR Unit Head
  • Mohammad Al Shiref

    Achiving and Planning Unit Head
  • Mohammed AlRebeah

    Senior Project Manager
  • Gulam Abid

    Senior Project manager
  • Emad Souliman

    Senior Project Manager
  • Gaber Hassan

    Senior Electerical Engineer
  • Omar Al Saleh

    Project manager
  • Roy Eanalang

    Construction Manager
  • Ramy Shouman

    Project Manager
  • Roudy Mattar

    Senior Architect
  • Ahmed Shalan

    QS and Aspects Specialst
  • Ahmed Samir

    Senior Structural Engineer
  • Ramadan Soliman

    Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Anas Mokhtar

    Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Mostafa Toghan

    Senior Architect
  • Ahmed Darder

    Senior Inspector
  • Ahmed Hassan

    Electerical Engineer
  • Gotayba Abdallah

    Structural Engineer
  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Abdulrahman Ostwany

  • Anas Dabbas

    Architectural Engineer
  • Raghib Kadi

    Civil Engineer
  • Zaid Ahl

    Site Engineer
  • AbdurRafay Mohammad

    Mechanical Engineer
  • Ali AlGhamdi

    Structural Engineer
  • Osama Shaher

    Project Coordinator
  • Benjamin Novela

    Structural Engineer
  • Noof Al Hakmi

  • Mohammad Gazal

    Mechanical Engineerg
  • Mohammad Ismail

    Electrical Engineer
  • Abdullah AlNaim

    Marketing & Sales Unit Head
  • Louay Hanawi

    Marketing Officer
  • Ahmed Al Khudhair

    Government Affairs Coordinator
  • Ebtisam Al Rhen

    Executive Secretary
  • Deema Alkhaldi

  • Haneia Al Rhen

  • Hussam Gamal

    Senior Document Control
  • Ahmed Rehab

    Document Control
  • Ezat Ali

    Document Control
  • Mohammed Alachram

  • Dexter Caliao

    Chief Draftsman
  • Duaa Mussallam

  • Joben Lozano

    Senior Visualizer
  • Mark Gamboa

  • Samuel Polgadas

    BIM Specialist
  • Abduljabbar Abdulhoque

    Civil Inspector
  • Samah Hussain

    Document Control
  • Zayad Al Jaryan

    Document Control
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