Today, a group of professional & experienced Architects & Engineers work in Afniah, keen to provoke a new architectural intellectual paradigm, a task so great following the principle of (transcendence). In Afniah, we tend to link evolutionary chain of ideas through cumulative architectural experiences, which aims to refine the ability of designers to seize the one-off moments of inspiration and cultivating society's taste to accept these ideas.


As professionals in the market, we aim to reconcile architecture and engineering, we know that reformulating the thinking of designers and society in general and creating moments of architectural inspiration separate from prevailing ideas, requires experimenting with everything new and creative. Design, in our view, is a constantly evolving process, for this we adopt what we called experimental architecture. The transition from abstract ideas to testing these ideas and implementing them on the ground also requires the presence of full awareness by creating appropriate professional opportunities through which ideas can be tested. This always invites us to involve young Saudi architects in this experience. Criticism of any idea begins with dealing with it directly and facing its real challenges.
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