Afniah is proud to have participated in a number of urban development studies and heritage rehabilitation projects, our work included the identification of problems confronting cultural heritage and the proposed solutions. Our compass was always keeping up with current developments while preserving the nature of the region and its social and religious customs. Keeping pace with the current development is not exactly turning a blank eye towards outdated craftsmanship. By adopting the “Re-Production” of outdated building craftsmanship and urban patterns we aim to study the cultural background and reason behind such elements and behavior. Studying local architecture requires comprehensive understanding and keen eye to the time’s structural reinforcement systems, building materials and craftsmanship, façades coating natural ventilation systems and many other elements. Studying urban behavior of our forefathers enclosed societies also contributes in understanding the background of such patterns, In Afniah, we consider our work a contribution towards humanity’s efforts in preserving the history and nature of the region and its social and religious customs, working alongside specialists who are familiar with the unique characteristics of preserved local architecture, Afniah has signed joint venture agreements with a number of world-class architecture firms.
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