Afniah Philosophy

Simplifying architecture as an art is a spatial phenomenon within which man exists. Man as a living being who changes through time moves within the internal and external architectural space, reflecting his values and emotions and stores within this space his cultural meanings associated with these values and emotions. However, at the same time he responds strongly to the surrounding natural environment and shapes it according to available technique and materials. Therefore, Afniah team consider architecture a changing phenomenon and that the constant / variable is man and technology.

When we established the firm, the first question we asked ourselves was: What sort of architecture we are supposed to offer? How should we approach society in a plausible manner as to convey our concepts? We knew that the concept of "social architecture" is one that can realize the connection between people and their urban environments, and that these environments enable them to transfer their values and perceptions of the world. For this, we thought of an empirical concept that we called "open-ended local architecture" as a guideline for our empirical philosophy, which we aspire to achieve through design practices in our studios.
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